sewing of shirts

Sewing of shirts

Experience: from year 1997.

Specialized enginery, used for the production, is designed only for sewing of high level shirts.

sewing of shirts

Mass production

Sewing of shirts – from 50 pieces.

Production capabilities – 800 pieces per day.

Shirts are sewed only in professional way, ensuring high quality of the production.

sewing of shirts

Shirts with logotypes

Dear Visitor,

Increase the ONENESS of your company,

expand AWARENESS and shape the image with branded LOGOTYPE on shirts!

Exceptional SHIRTS only for YOU!

ERLANDO Ltd. - European company specializing in sewing shirts for men


Professional sewing of shirts in high volumes. Evaluate our attitude towards job. Try the quality of our products – only we can offer finished shirts in the shortest possible terms.




European company specializing in sewing shirts for men


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About us

sewing of shirts

For over 16 years Erlando sewing company has been managed by Erlandas and Artūras, the joint-owners of the company therefore their business is developed particularly responsibly and carefully. The owners claim that:
"We take pride in our production and shirts by Erlando is our daily wear! We think that the only way to understand needs of the clients regarding sewing of shirts is to try, see and understand everything by ourselves. During all these years we have gained plenty of experience and are ready to share it with our clients.
We strongly believe that only direct communication helps fully understand interests of the client and the producer, therefore we are happy to invite you for a cup of coffee to discuss further details and possible cooperation.We will be glad to share our knowledge about sewing of shirts, we will show, how process of shirts sewing is implemented in our company, we will explain the signs of good quality shirts. In cooperation with you we will be able to create the exceptional style of your company’s shirts. You can use a method of ordering in three steps. Let’s admit – time is MONEY!"


Erlandas K. and Artūras V.

sewing of shirts      

  • We are PRODUCERS, not agents! 

Shirts are sewed only in our company. All sewing processes are completely under our control and management, in this way ensuring the maximum level of quality.

  • We offer preproduction samples!

Every client receives a sample of the ordered shirt to make sure it satisfies the requirements. In this way you will be able to evaluate your shirts before the start of its production.
  • Exceptional TERMS. Duration of PRODUCTION – from three days!

If there is a need, shirts can be produced within 5-7 working days, while small ordered amount of shirts can reach the client even in 3 working days.

sewing of shirts      

  • Over 15 different types of equipment are applied in the shirts sewing process.

Sewing of shirts is a complex process, demanding lots of specialized enginery.
  • Over 50 different forms of presses for collars and stiffened details.

One of the main details of shirts is the collar therefore it gains particular attention. Shirts are sewed according to different orders, so assortment of presses is consistently broadened in order to ensure variety of the shirts.
  • Specialized machines for sewing of closed seams of the shirts.

Pay attention to the seams since they tell a lot about the quality of the shirt. Therefore a specialized enginery is used for the closed seams of shirts. We use up-to-date technologies and specialized machines for sewing of closed seams of the shirts. 

sewing of shirtsIn order to ensure the quality of shirts sewing we have increased investments into risk management measures from year 2000. Today we can guarantee that our shirts sewing process is flawless. ERLANDO Ltd. – a professional company of shirts sewing.


  • Alternative equipment of ALL PROCESSES


  • Quality control system of 3 levels


  • Complete traceability of the processes




Erlando Kevalo Company

Company specializing in sewing shirts for men


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